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    Since 1977, ALCS paid out over £570M to all types of writers and visual artists for the secondary uses of their works. Search and see if we've already collected something for you.
    Lifetime membership costs just £36, register now & get what you're owed
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    This year we paid out £36.8 million to writers
    We have over 113,000 registered members
    Lifetime membership costs just £36
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    September 2021 ALCS Distribution: Your guide to payments
    In September 2021, almost a third of ALCS members will receive a distribution payment. Here’s a g...
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    ALCS highlights shocking new research on the potential impact of proposed copyright changes
    Read ALCS's response to the recently-released Publishers Association research which predicts a de...
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    All Stories announces first cohort of children's writer mentees
    Fourteen aspiring children's authors from underrepresented backgrounds will receive mentorships f...
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